Taipei TaiwanWe are excited to announce that Lemoncube has now opened an Asian chapter in addition to our German and Spanish offices!

Asian markets are rapidly growing, and with this comes the need for many companies to up their digital game in the East. Foreign companies that plan on expanding to Asia and Asian companies intending on extending their reach to other parts of the world, are faced with the challenge of critically analyzing their (digital) marketing strategies when planning their market entry. It’s as crucial to be interculturally prepared to navigate the Asian business environment as it is to tailor the marketing strategies of a business to this new landscape.

From the newest digital and tech trends to events encouraging discourse on the modern digital workplace, Taiwan and the rest of East Asia are hubs for many of the world’s leading brands and most innovative technologies. Being present in Asia opens doors and fosters creativity and partnerships in a diverse variety of industries.

Claudia Wild, managing partner at Lemoncube and digital marketing specialist, spearheads Lemoncube’s Asian chapter in Taipei, Taiwan. Stay tuned as we continue to update our website with more information about our team. We look forward to extending our reach to encompass further content and innovation.

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