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Digitalization demands radical changes in the way businesses are modelled, in digital product development and in successful implementation of social media marketing strategies. It is equally important to commit to personal education and training in order to keep pace with these developments. In collaboration with Lemoncube, has developed a platform that redefines digital learning.

Soft skills are one of the most underrated skill sets in the realm of professional development. Communication, especially in multi-cultural environments, are essential aspects when doing business in the global market. Through extensive experience in training and coaching business professionals, our team of professional pedagogical experts and trainers at can help you assess you learn best and help you develop your personal style of learning. We’re passionate about lifelong learning and are excited to share the journey of education with you.

Connecting Competencies:

  • AI-based
  • Live training with experts, AI-based chat bot, e-learning, blended learning and social learning
  • Constant, location independent learning
  • Course content tailored to your learner type
  • Learner type evaluation based on VAK assessment templates