Claudia Wild

Managing Partner & Head of Lemoncube Asia

A true cultural chameleon and an expert at the digital workplace, Claudia was born and raised in Canada, moved to Germany and majored Chinese and business, spending the past 12 years between Europe and Asia improving her Mandarin by studying abroad and working. She has extensive professional experience in the marketing and edtech industries, and a vast network of connections on the Asian continent. 

After giving the 9-5 working life a chance, Claudia opted for location independent entrepreneurship. She started her digital nomad journey as an e-learning content developer and digital marketer in January 2018, which was also when she stumbled upon Taiwan by fortuitous happenstance and decided to stay. She participates in local business and community activities around Asia to give back, while fine-tuning her location independent lifestyle and helping others do the same.


  • (Digital) marketing professional
  • Social media marketing expert
  • Asia-ready marketing consultant
  • Extensive experience working in education marketing, the edtech industry and intercultural communication, spanning Europe, Asia and North America
  • Seasoned polyglot: English (Native), German (Native), Chinese Mandarin (Professional Working Proficiency), Spanish (Elementary Proficiency), French (Elementary Proficiency)

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+49 9746 / 9219011