Ralf Schreiber

Founder/CEO of Lemoncube and Qfour.ai

Ralf is the founder of Lemoncube “Think Outside the Box”, and of Qfour.ai. His creative streak began in Berlin, continuing on to an international entrepreneurial career that set a solid foundation for his agile thought processes and his support of digital workspace.

With a professional background spanning over 20 years of consulting, coaching and project management in various branches, he consults for businesses on future-oriented topics such as digitalization, digital learning and AI. As an instructor and consultant for the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce) on the topic of “Digital Future”, he is well versed in all current digital trends and helps his clients do the same.

Ralf’s role within the Lemoncube team is vision, strategy and product development. He consults clients on a broad spectrum of topics including digital strategy, social media, strategy creation and development and digital learning.


  • Founder and CEO of multiple consulting firms
  • Experienced digital strategy coach and consultant with focus on social media marketing, change management and branding
  • Business digitalization (workflow and user experience)
  • Trainer for IHK certifications in Social Media and E-Commerce Management
  • Multi-lingual German (Native), English (Professional Working Proficiency) and Spanish (Intermediate Proficiency)

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+49 9746 / 523 9901